Instructions for authors

1. Text: one single file (name of file: author) comprising in the following order (in general): heading, keywords, abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements, references, adresses of the authors.

2. Form of the text: No formatting. Only one font and one font size for all, no tabulators, no indentation, the only attribute: italic for genus and species names. Structuring only by „return“. All the layout is done by the editor. There are special layouts for all parts of the text including keys, tables und captions.

3. References: The name of the journal cited has to be written out fully (no abbreviations), the place of publication has to be added for the books and even the journals.

4. Please send the text and the figures by email-attachment or, if more extended, on CD. In addition send a print (formatted as you suggest, if you wish) by standard mail.

5. Tables: Written within the text (not with Excel), consecutive numbering. Bigger tables as a single file (authorTabx). Every table must be cited in the text at least once. Measures of tables: please regard the type area 13,8 x 20,6 cm or landscape 20,6 x 13,8 cm. Captions one behind the other at the end of the text.

6. Figures: Every figure as a single file (authorFigx). For black/white 600 dpi, TIFF or jpg, for colour 300 dpi, TIFF or jpg (type area: 13,8 x 20,6 cm). Every figure must be cited in the text at least once.

7. Please put the captions of the tables and the figures one behind the other at the end of the text or in a single file.

8. The English text should be checked by a person with good knowledge of the English language.