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    Lauterbornia 68 (2009)


    Lauterbornia 68 (2009)

    Lauterbornia 68 (2009)

    Editorial Seitz, G.: First records of Simulium (E.) petricolum (Rivosecchi), Simulium (N.) bavaricum Seitz & Adler and Simulium (N.) oligotuberculatum (Knoz) (Diptera: Simuliidae) in Austria Schiffels, S.: Commensal and parasitic Chironomidae Bulánková, E. & A. Ďuričková: Habitat preferences and conservation status of Atherix ibis and Ibisia marginata (Diptera, Athericidae) Ujvárosi, L., M. Bálint, N. Mészáros & O. Popescu: Genetic diversity with morphological imprints among Pedicia (Amalopis) occulta (Meigen, 1830) (Diptera, Pediciidae) populations in the Carpathian area: preliminary results Orendt, C., U. Mischke, B. Nixdorf & S. Brooks: Subfossil chironomids in shallow lakes of northern Germany Moreno, J. L. & J. de las Heras: Habitat selection and life cycle of aquatic Diptera in a semiarid saline stream in Spain – an approximation Vallenduuk, H. & A. Lipinski: Neglected and new characters in Chironomidae: Tanypodinae (larvae) Martin, P. & R. Gerecke: Diptera as hosts of water mite larvae – an interesting relationship with many open questions Moller Pillot, H.: Chironomidae as indicators of ecosystem functioning Lešková, J.: Differences in taxonomical composition of aquatic Diptera (excl. Chironomidae, Simuliidae) in two Carpathian streams in East Slovakia Lehmann, K. & H. Reusch: Short-palped craneflies (Diptera: Limoniidae, Pediciidae) around springs in the lowlands of northern Germany – faunistics and aspects of community structure Reusch, H. & M. Hohmann: Stelzmücken (Diptera: Limoniidae et Pediciidae) aus Emergenzfallen im „Nationalpark Harz“ (Sachsen-Anhalt) Podeniene, V.: Lithuanian Chioneinae (Limoniidae, Diptera): larval habitat preferences and problems of identification, with description of last instar larvae of Molophilus (Molophilus) crassipygus de Meijere, 1918 M. (M.) griseus (Meigen, 1804), M. (M.) ochraceus (Meigen, 1818), M. (M.) propinquus (Egger, 1863)